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Pat Witt's Barn Studio of Art
814 Whitaker Avenue
Millville, NJ 08332
(856) 825-5028
The Barn Studio of Art

Nestled on rustic wooded acreage in Millville, New Jersey, The Barn Studio of Art is housed in a former hay barn and flower shop.
For more than 50 years The Barn has been a gathering place for the southern New Jersey art community. The originator and driving force for The Barn is Patricia Vanaman Witt, who reflects a positive art spirit and offers all students a warm haven for their creative outlets.

Pat Witt, the artist and her world...

Born February 10, 1927, Pat Witt began studying art in 1937, attending the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Glassboro State College. She has had many one-woman shows, and has been part of group shows for more than 40 years at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Art Alliance, The Noyes Museum, Brian Parent Center, and as part of the American Painters in Paris Bicentennial in 1976 in Paris, France.

Pat is known as the "Wetlands Painter". Her preferred mediums, opaque watercolor and oils are well suited to her subject. Her art work has become part of private and public collections locally and throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. Over the years, Pat has received numerous awards as an artist and teacher, as well as being recognized for her work with the environment.

The Barn Studio is considered one of Pat's biggest works of art. She founded it in 1962 and has taught and inspired thousands of children and adults with her enthusiasm for the arts. Recognized for her many achievements, her biggest reward comes from her students who have gone on to become accomplished freelance artists, painters, potters, architects, photographers, commercial artists, illustrators, graphic designers and art teachers.

Best Way to Learn

Pat and her staff of accomplished art instructors, associates and apprentices provide students with the type of positive reinforcement and guidance that encourages an individual's growth at their own speed. "We teach our students that it's more than okay to make mistakes, because this is when you're learning the most," says Pat.

Lively Discussion

Teaching students their work is unique, they get individual attention and encouragement, along with lively group discussions on everything from art history, the basics of painting, color theory, composition and design, to current events.

Pat and The Barn associates have taught thousands of students, from 4 years old to over 80 years of age, taking classes in painting, both nature and still life, drawing, pastels and pottery.

Creative Atmosphere

Not just a studio but a sanctuary, The Barn is surrounded by trees, plants, flower gardens, and its very own pond. Inside The Barn is light and airy, filled with plants, easels, antiques, costumes, statuary, a cat a dog or two and boxes of recyclable. All are utilized to build a still life or backdrop for experiments and masterpieces.

Paint and Draw on Location

Another enriching experience is painting on location. Pat offers nature and landscape painting classes, with field trips to her beloved marshes, beaches, and lighthouses.

Classes are available weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays, during the fall, winter and spring, as well as with guest instructors for summer classes.

Special Programs

The Barn offers unique opportunities for a limited number of students each year through apprentice and mentoring programs.

The Apprentice program is a great way for students with limited finances to work with Pat during classes. They'll help with set-up, assisting students with materials, and with clean-up, while accruing valuable time for their own art classes, as well as benefiting personally by helping others develop artistically.

The Mentoring program affords the artist a chance to work closely with Pat while she paints. Painting right along side her, drawing on her wealth and knowledge of color and design, composition and light, as well as learning about her beloved wetlands and the surrounding areas. This enriching experience will not only be a foundation on which to build, but a spring board for personal artistic growth.

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