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Youth Services Advisory Council


Kevin Guinan, Co-Chairperson        

 Spencer Young, Juvenile Justice Commission Liaison  

 Kari Vasquez, Youth Services Administrator

Voting Memebers

Colleen Maier, Presiding Judge 2024

Shane't Bowe 2024

Patricia Baitinger, Probation Dept. 2024

Jennifer Webb-McRae/Kevin Guinan/Danielle Pennino, County Prosecutor 2024

Sophia Waldstein, County Public Defender 2024

Mary Broglin/Lisa Felix, Department of Child Protection & Permanency 2024

Dina Rossi/Anthony Bermudez, County Superintendent of the Vocational School   2024

Melissa Niles/Ashleigh Huff, Department of Human Services 2024

Veronica Surrency/Tara Butler, County Youth Detention Center 2024

Lauren Snyder/Christine Graves, Juvenile Family Crisis Intervention Unit 2024

Sheriff Robert Austino/Beverly Dragotta, County Sherriff/Juvenile Officers Assc. 2024

Michelle Slaney-Mills/Joeny Mendez, Workforce Development 2024

Mary Ann Hamidy, Youth Advocacy Program 2024

Kuan Bowleg, Representative of Major Urban Areas in the County 2024

Erin Klein, Acenda 2024

Ron Hudak/James Sampson, Care Management Organization 2024

Tracy Swan, County Public Safety Reform Strategist 2024


Donna Pearson

Joseph Sileo


For a list of 2022 meeting dates click here.