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S.L.A.P. Program

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program (SLAP) became operational in June of 1992. The program was created to provide an alternative to incarceration for individuals sentenced to serve jail time for minor infractions, such as motor vehicle offenses. 

SLAP not only provides a workforce within the county, it also provides a means for a productive family person to serve a sentence and fulfill a legal obligation, while maintaining employment and remaining with his or her family. 

Program participants are carefully screened and must meet strict eligibility requirements. Only non violent, minor offenders are accepted into the program. 

Acceptance into the Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program means that an offender must complete his or her sentence by performing community service under the supervision of Sheriff's Officers. SLAP participants report on weekends and are transported to a variety of work sites. 

SLAP performs many different tasks. Seven miles of roadway have been "adopted" by SLAP. Litter patrol on that stretch of road, and others , has resulted in the recovery of over ten tons of litter and recyclables each year for the last eight years in a row. In 2002, SLAP picked up over 3,000 bags of trash totaling over 18 tons. SLAP has painted Fire Halls and church buildings. They have helped beautify parks and playgrounds, washed fire trucks and police cars and they have spruced up streets in several municipalities. 

While performing litter patrol on rural roads SLAP workers have found a variety of items, ranging from lost or stolen credit cards and guns to the remains of a murder victim. 

SLAP is a "no-nonsense" program and failure to comply with the rules and regulations results in the offender being returned to the jail to serve the remainder of his/her sentence. 

The Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program provides an important service to the residents of Cumberland County. Since it's inception over 3,000 minor offenders have paid their debt to society in a productive, worthwhile fashion. 

Cumberland County SLAP is supervised and coordinated by the Sheriff's Department, but those assigned to run the program work very closely with personnel from the Cumberland County Department of Corrections. The program is truly a joint effort of both agencies. 

To be eligible for SLAP participation an applicant must be felony conviction free for at least ten years. Those that have failed to complete the SLAP or Work Release program in the past are not accepted back into the program. Applicants who have open criminal charges or are currently under indictment are not eligible to participate. Those with probation or parole violations in their past are also denied enrollment. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Labor Assistance Program only accepts participants who reside in the state of New Jersey.