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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many employees does the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department have?

A) The department has a total of  fifty-nine sworn personnel and  seven civilian staff members.

Q) How many different divisions make up the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department?

A) The department has 4 divisions: Enforcement Division; Services Division; Judicial Division and Records/Clerical Division, each division having their own function.  The Enforcement Division's functions but are not limited to the the enforcement of Fugitive Warrants and Civil Process, and patrol/traffic enforcement. The Services Division's functions include but are not limited to the administration of safety and juvenile programs, and Public Relations as needed.  The Judicial Divisions's functions include but are not limited to security and prisoner movement at the courthouse. Finally, the Records/Clerical Division's functions include but are not limited to the processing of Sheriff Sales, Levies, Wage Executions, Civil Warrants and other Civil Process; and Record Keeping.

Q) What are the requirements to become an officer with the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department?

A) The Sheriff's Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The New Jersey Civil Service Commission governs our hiring process and an entry level test is administered by that agency.  If a candidate successfully passes the written test they are then considered for employment, after their name is submitted by the Civil Service Commission.  An extensive background investigation is then conducted by the Investigations Division.  Our hiring process includes a thorough medical physical, pre-employment narcotics screening, Psychological evaluation and a complete records and character check.  If found to be acceptable the applicant is then appointed and sent to a New Jersey Police Training Commission approved Police Academy for training.

Q) If a person applies and completes all of the pre employment checks, and is then sent to a Police Academy, how long will it take before he or she will be assigned to "street duty'?

A) The current policy is that any newly trained officer will complete at least one year of duty in either the Identification or Judicial Division.  These divisions are not classified as "Street" assignments.  Duties in the Identification Division involve operating the Department's radio equipment, NCIC Computer system and assisting at crime scenes.  The Judicial Division assignment essentially involves security in and around the Cumberland County Courthouse.

Q) What are the differences between the training  and the duties of a Sheriff's Officer and those of a Municipal Police Officer?

A) Sheriff's Officers train side by side with officers from Municipal Departments.  The training is identical.  All officers, municipal or county, receive individualized training, from their respective departments, that is geared to the duties of that agency.  In the case of Sheriff's Officers they are schooled in Civil Process, Court Security and Warrant Arrests.  Less emphasis is placed on Motor Vehicle Law, and other specific "routine" duties of a street Police Officer.

Q) Do Sheriff's Officers have the right to conduct Motor Vehicle stops and issue summons?

A) By statute Sheriff's Officers have state wide police powers, which include the right to conduct motor vehicle stops and to issue summons for violations. Cumberland County Sheriff's Officers are issued summons books and written "Warning" books.  It is the officers prerogative to issue which ever he sees fit, at the time of the offense.

Q) If hired as a Sheriff Officer, will I ever have to work in the County Jail?

A) No, Cumberland County Sheriff's Officers do not work in the County Jail.  The jail is the responsibility of the Cumberland County Department of Corrections, which operates under the direction of the Board of Chosen Freeholders. It is quite possible that Sheriff's Officers could be called in to the jail, in the event of a major disturbance, but they are not routinely assigned to the jail.