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Cumberland County Courthouse History

The Cumberland County Courthouse stands at the corner of Broad and Fayette Streets in Bridgeton, the county seat. This structure and those which precede it have stood on this spot - or just a stone's throw away - for more than 250 years. From the time the first frame building was constructed in 1752 until the present date, the Court House has represented the hub of the county. The agencies which it houses have carried on their prescribed duties, expanding in direct ratio to the growing state and nation of which it is a part. It has seen its sons march away, first to secure liberty, then to preserve it. Its very activities have reflected the effects on its people of boom times and depressions.

The title of the Court House quite properly designates the building as a hall of justice, yet it has embraced with its walls and nearby such a multitude of departmental service functions quite apart from the operation of the courts, that it must also be regarded as the seat of the Cumberland County government.