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Veterans Services

Cumberland County Veteran ID Card And DD-214 Registration

One of the most important pieces of paper that a Veteran will ever possess is his or her discharge paper, usually known as a "DD-214. As we like to say in the County Veteran Affairs Office, the DD-214 is the "key" of entry into many possible doors of Veterans' Benefits and Health Care. Because of this, safekeeping becomes a priority and making sure that a copy of your DD-214 is always available when needed is important to all county Veterans and their families. It is a simple process and can be done in conjunction with applying for a "Cumberland County Veteran ID Card" at the same time! This card will assist in eligibility for Veteran discounts offered at some merchant establishments and restaurants locally and nationally. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Take a copy of your DD-214 to the County Clerks Office located in the County Courthouse at 60 W. Broad Street in Bridgeton, NJ.
  2. Ask to register your DD-214 and also complete an application for the ID Card.
  3. Check your mailbox within the next few weeks and you will receive your Veterans' ID Card!
For additional information or questions, please contact the Cumberland County Clerks Office at 856-453-4860.

Understanding Veteran Affairs Offices:
Their Separate And Inter-Related Functions

The natural assumption of most people is that any facility that carries the word "VETERAN" in its' title must make it related to the Federal Veterans' Affairs Department. Although all work in conjunction with each other, and may involve over-lap, they each have separate jobs and responsibilities to Veterans. It is confusing to say the least, so to assist in clarification, the following chart shows the different "Veterans" service organizations and their associations.

Veterans Service Organization Chart

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