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Department of Corrections
Cumberland County DOC Bail procedure      

To post a bail you must be 18 years or older, and have a photo I.D ( Drivers License preferred ).

Only Postal Money Orders or Bank Certified Checks will be accepted.


Upon receiving required identification of the person posting bail, the Officer will begin warrant checks on the requested inmate. This may take some time due to the Sheriff's Departments workload for in-state and out-of-state warrant checks. Once cleared the admissions officer will fill out the appropriate recognizance form for either criminal or child support bails. The Officer will then collect the bail in exact amount from the individual posting the bail. When all fees have been collected and all paperwork completed a receipt will be provided to you. The inmates name will then forwarded to the Issue officer for release.


Must provide proof of license to conduct business as a bail bondsman such as: Surety License, Drivers License.

Once verified the same process applies as with civilian bails regarding warrant checks. The admissions officer will complete the defendant and bail information of the recognizance and then give to the bondsman to complete the surety section. Bondsmen though must stamp their Bonds and the recognizance form for validity. If either does not have a stamp the bail is not valid. The Officer will check expiration dates for bonds and for the stamped seal on the recognizance and bonds. Expired bonds, bonds or recognizance forms without stamped seal will not be accepted.

( All Indictable offenses require a $50.00 fee also payable by Postal Money Order or Bank Certified Checks)